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Emmanuel Lewis
The Actor

It all started at the young age of 9 but 42 years later and Mr. Lewis is growing stronger with a diversified list of companies. The best is yet to come.


Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment
Enterprises, Inc.

His mother Margaret Lewis and her son started this company when he was 10 years old in Brooklyn New York. He did over 60 commercials in 3 years. #1 hit song in Japan called “City Connection” while touring from City to roof tops. In 1983, Mr. Lewis started filming “Webster” until 1989. Then enrolled into a HBCU Clark Atlanta University. Still working doing shows like Malcom & Eddie, Moesha, In The House, Family Matters and more.


Future Begins Now, Inc

The purpose of this vision is to aid, support and protect young people from hunger, extreme poverty, and senseless deadly diseases but to allow an abundance of education, inspiration of the arts and a more favorable chance to development in a healthy environment.

I’m Living in my Purpose


Over 40 Years in the entertainment business with nominations, awards, proclamations, keys to many cities and now Mr. Lewis is training the next generation to become moguls and icons.


Giving time, talent and treasure to those that understand the value of human life, the challenges that affect some more than others is essential and Mother Earth who needs our immediate attention is now in critical condition to our survival.

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Emmanuel Lewis Conglomerate

Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. • The Anatole Company • Authentically Organic, LLC • Future Begins Now, Inc. • Island Hopping Aviators • Flexx Floss Entertainment, Inc. • LFN Health & Wellness Center

Immediate Goals

  1. Build a Motion Picture Studio campus in Henry County, Georgia.

  1. Create a Collegiate school called The Emmanuel Lewis School of the Arts at an HBCU.

  1. Develop a S.T.E.A.M school K-12 called Future Begins Now Academy.

  1. LFN Health & Wellness Center to be developed and built in the Caribbean, West and South Africa.

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Regardless of what the future challenges may be our alliances will come from those that are efficient, highly motivated, educated, patient, influential, visionaries and resourceful entities and individuals that will help foster benefits to our international communities for better generations to come